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Best Drying Room Spaces

Create smart drying rooms and install clothes airers by Coastal Clotheslines: If you are dreading wet, cold weather and find yourself short on smart clothes drying ideas then read on for our drying room tips. Indoor clotheslines can be placed in a myriad of clever spaces and stainless steel clotheslines are also available with lifetime warranties. So think of quality, stylish and durable alternatives such as the largest stainless steel clothesline range in Australia from Coastal Clotheslines. Smaller challenging spaces make for great drying room clotheslines. Laundry clotheslines and hallway clotheslines for apartments are ideal over winter and wet weather. Check out these spaces for the best indoor clothesline ideas.

Laundry Clotheslines

DIY ready-made stainless steel clothesline kits can come as customized clotheslines for exact fit. Therefore the most popular drying room clothesline is the indoor drying rack. The space can be based on a cupboard clothesline measuring from inside wall to inside wall so just add heating for overnight drying. Such a winner!
Another great alternative is a drying rack clothesline installed above a laundry sink from the side of a storage cupboard to an opposite cupboard or wall. The perfect drying rack measurements stay within the depth of the laundry bench top and sink for easy clothesline use. Set the drying rack at eye level or slightly higher and use it for drying the washing or alternatively as a clothes airer.

Apartment Clotheslines

Living in an apartment has its ups and downs and finding the best clothesline for apartments is tough! Let’s face it, there are no lawns to mow in apartment living but drying your clothes can be problematic. If your apartment laundry is hidden behind cupboards then utilise the space above the sink and next to the stacked washer/dryer. A small indoor clothesline with 5 lines will be a fantastic utility in a compact space like this. If there is an opportunity to create an indoor drying cupboard then a wall-to-wall indoor drying rack will tick the boxes and can be created inside a built-in wardrobe. Utilise one side for clothes hanging and the other side for drying washing, even sheets could fit within a 2200mm space.

Dedicated Drying Rooms

Wet season heaven for clothesline drying exists and it comes in the form of a drying room! An entry into a home can lead strategically into a dedicated drying room space with clothes airers installed for the wet cold seasons. Not only do drying rooms provide a space for clothes airers above floor heating or room heaters, most washing or wet weather gear will dry overnight without the need to use the dryer. Therefore creating warm air in a drying room or mudroom zone is a smarter alternative to constantly using the dryer with higher running costs and strains on power consumption.

Make indoor clothes airers work for you during the wetter months either in a colder southern zone or as a northern wet season clothesline. Coastal Clotheslines offers the largest range of stainless steel indoor drying racks in Australia- Australian-made clotheslines to last a lifetime.
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