Corner Clothesline Post to Wall



Create a smart drying zone with our Combo Clothesline.

  • Curved bracket mounted to your post & the strap installed on the wall
  • Universal fasteners for walls w timber studs, cement sheet, weatherboards & brick
Inside the kit- cutters to CUSTOMISE your cable length, 1 curved 316 stainless steel bracket, 1 x 316 stainless steel strap ,316 stainless steel cables, 316 SS terminals and fasteners supplied.
  • Choose your cable length UP TO 3600mm max between bracket & strap.
  • Curved bracket is 200mm at the back (minimum 90mm posts for at least 2 fixing points).
  • Protrusion from a front post mount – 600mm (6 lines), 500mm (5 lines), 400mm (4 lines).
  • Strap sizes 6 line (470mm) 5 line (390mm) 4 line (305mm)
  • First cable is 100mm out from mounting point on the curved bracket.
  • Swageless DIY terminals allow for adjustable cables to achieve a perfect fit.
  • Choose either standard 316 stainless or Duplex cables (superior anti-corrosion) within 1km of harsh salty zones.

Duplex Wire Option:
Recommended if you live within 1km of a salty environment. Best on the market!



Combo Corner Clothesline – Post to Wall

Finally the dynamic solution for dead internal corners! The Combo clothesline range is the super smart clothesline solution that takes a dead corner, turning it into a clever clothes drying space. These non-folding post to wall clothes lines are the unique blend of a Coastal Clotheslines original curved bracket on a post & a stainless steel clothesline strap on a wall.

The corner clothesline – post to wall is hand crafted providing a practical and stylish designer drying solution. Check out the curved solid stainless steel bracket that mounts perfectly onto any 90mm+ post. The 316 cables or DUPLEX cables (if beachside) reach over to a solid stainless steel strap on the wall, activating an internal corner space! Whether you have a small balcony, patio, limited backyard space, or simply prefer a discreet drying solution, ours is a lifetime eco-concious choice with designer chic.

Stainless Steel Corner Clotheslines

Make the best use of your patio & balconies by installing innovative, customised length post & wall mounted clothes lines. The corner clothesline is Coastal Clotheslines smartest solution yet. The length of cables between bracket & strap can be as long as 3600mm or as short as 1600mm. Customise your size for your corner space!

This is Australia’s no.1 stainless steel corner clothesline. Therefore a smart choice if you are needing to reinvigorate a dead corner and streamline a drying solution. Our corner clotheslines are crafted with high-quality 316 stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. Designed to be mounted directly onto posts, studs or masonry. Created as Australia’s only stainless steel corner clothes lines combining our original patent curved bracket with steel straps. A beautiful clothesline solution for timber, steel or brick posts & timber, steel and brick walls. This slimline clothesline lets you easily tuck the clothesline into a corner creating easy access & smart space options.

Still searching for a backyard option, check out our fence-mounted clothesline attached to your existing fence. This post and fence clothesline needs a sturdy fence or posts installed into the ground.

Clothes lines designed for the harsh Aussie Climate

The Combo Clothesline range is reliable for drying your laundry effectively in coastal locations across Australia. These corner clotheslines are built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions, including the sun’s scorching heat, relentless rain, corroding sea salt, and spray. So, it can tackle a particularly high risk of mould growth in a wet climate. We offer complete customisation of cable length and bracket sizes with the corner washing line to suit your space. Easily choose your options from the number of lines and fixing material to cable measurements and wire duplex option. Enjoy hassle-free laundry drying with Coastal Clotheslines Combo Corner clotheslines.


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