How it Began

How it Began

Backgrounds in aircraft engineering & innovation coupled with a passion for people & marketing led us to create Coastal Clotheslines. We just weren’t prepared to purchase another poor quality and short-lived clothesline that was destined for landfill! Beach houses and salty environments deserve the best quality clotheslines. The saying goes…“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” so here we are today!

Sustainable & Handmade
Made from recycled 316 stainless steel that has been fabricated into brackets with no harmful welding or powder-coating paints releasing nasties into the atmosphere.
With a lifetime guarantee, each clothesline is finished with stainless cables, terminals and fittings for maximum durability. This is a zero landfill product.
Coastal Clotheslines are true environmental performers. Each clothesline is manufactured using passive solar energy and excess solar power is fed back into the grid. There are zero harmful air emissions in the workshop and no plastics in the production you are purchasing stainless steel in its true recycled and recyclable form.
Packaging is recycled cardboards that you can use at your end. Capture the sun, fight corrosion and reduce landfill!

Our Green Commitment
Tick the box of the BASIX Energy Building Commitment, a part of the Sustainable Building Index with a clothesline that fits perfectly under eaves.
Our ethos is based on minimal waste due to our patented methodology that reflects our sustainable approach. The team is working towards a certification that is recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia- no green washing here, just fair dinkum hard work.

Our Clients
Everyday we liaise with home owners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers and stylists from initial CAD designs through to body corporate strata clotheslines.
Coastal Clotheslines offer a stylish and durable alternative to cumbersome framed clotheslines that typically steal valuable space. The outdoor clotheslines range offer smarter usage of sheltered spaces, under eaves and on balconies without having to compromise on aesthetics and finishes. Thinking indoor washing lines?Complimenting narrow, compact spaces, Coastal Clotheslines are also the perfect solution as a laundry clothes line or indoor drying rack.

Online, choose from standard kit options and learn how to install a clothesline with ease, or get in touch for those hard-to-fit spaces. Enjoy our ready-made clothesline kits Australia wide. Installation available Australia wide from Cairns to Hobart, Cottesloe to Canberra, Port Macquarie to Port Douglas!

Hang out with a Coastal Clothesline and Love it for Life!