Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Normally a clothesline is installed so the brackets are approximately 185cm or 1850mm above ground height. You can usually install it 15cm or 150mm above the main users head height to give them enough reach if it is a folding model.

Coastal Clotheslines Folding Wall clotheslines can be mounted onto stud walls because of the ‘MTA’ or Mount Tab Assembly® that allows for stud stability. Any structural wall made from:

  • Timber
  • Fibre cement sheet
  • Cladding products like Weathertex, all Weatherboard

Also walls made of:

  • Brick & Masonry
  • Steel (timber batten must be used)
  • Concrete
  • Colourbond
  • Corrugated Iron

No, not at this stage. Hebel walls have a compressive nature due to the aeration of concrete. Our brackets are approx. 3kg each and may not be correctly supported on a heble wall. We are still in the testing phase for heble walls.

To install a clothes line to corrugated iron walls, find the vertical stud location and mark the centre of the stud. Use either CORROMOUNT, a hard corrugated shaped profile block for installing fixtures to corrugated iron or use a hardwood block or length of timber fixed to studs. Once either Corromount or timber blocks are installed follow our install guide.

Yes. The fence needs to be structural handle the weight of each bracket and loads of wet washing. With a timber fence, either use the top horizontal rail or the upright posts. Remember a maximum of 3600mm or 3.6 metres of cables length between clothesline brackets can be achieved. However the space between your posts usually determines the length of your cables.

We’re not saying no, however a colour bond fence has very narrow posts and can have movement in the cladding.

We are happy to look at a photo and discuss the options with you.

Call us on 0402 118 654.

The posts we recommend are a minimum of 90mm x 90mm in hardwood or hollow galvanised steel. This allows for at least 2 out of the 3 fixings which is structurally sound. A 140mm post will allow all 3 fixings to mount into the face but 2 fixings with a 3rd screwed in for aesthetics looks great.

It is relatively easy to install if you have tools and are savvy & generally handy. It takes about 1.5hrs if your wall is straightforward & structural. Safety equipment should include ear muffs & safety glasses & a dust mask.

BRICK: A level, pencil, hammer drill, a 10mm masonry bit & a hammer to put the supplied plugs into the wall & rachette with a 13mm socket.

TIMBER: A level, pencil, drill with a 6mm & 10mm drill bit, hammer & rachette with a 13mm socket.

NORTH: The best location is a north facing wall to capture the longest period of sunshine. This is crucial during winters in Victoria, South Australia, Tassie & Southern WA. Installing on a north facing wall can be extremely hot in NSW, QLD & NT, north WA so other locations can play their part, especially in Summer.

WEST: The best winter location in northern Australia is a western wall. Excellent for winter sun, they become a heat bank retaining warmth to dry your washing. A western wall in summer is also excellent Australia wide.

EAST: Eastern facing fences or walls can get the first rays of sun for a great clothes drying option & will be in shade for the remainder of the day. Eastern walls & fences are possibly in breezy locations down the side of your home. Great for delicates & washing that may fade.

SOUTH: Think Queensland & NT when the days are long & hot. A south facing clothes line can save your washing from fading & drying like a crisp! Handy to dry washing on the south facing washing line if you experience southerly winds.

We use professional installers that are actually carpenters & tradies across Australia. We are very happy with our qualified & insured handy trades people that have been working with our clotheslines. Installers will carry out installation and removal of old clotheslines and liaise directly with you for timeframes, price & scheduling.

We have recommended installers across Australia. Please get in touch via our CONTACT page if you are unsure about finding an installer in your area.

Sydney metro
, Sydney Eastern & Northern Beaches
, Sutherland Shire
, Woollongong, 
South Coast, 
Mid North Coast
, Northern Rivers
, Byron Bay
, Tweed Coast.


, Bayside
, Mornington Peninsula, 
Bellarine Peninsula
, Surf Coast – Torquay to Lorne
, Warrnambool to Port Fairy.

Adelaide, Victor Harbour.

, Great Southern region.

, Gold Coast, 
Sunshine Coast
, Noosa
, Cairns.

We give you a pair of cutters to customise your cable lengths. We send you the correct screws and bolts you need to fix your frames securely as per your order request.

An installation guide with diagrams & QR codes come with your purchase covering the type of material and fixing point you need to drill into.

Which clothes line is best for my family?

Our family sized clothesline is any configuration with 6 lines. The more space you have between brackets the bigger your lineal hanging space will be. The maximum is 3600mm or 3.6m between brackets. Anything over 2500mm or 2.5m is great!

We offer 4 lines, 5 lines and 6 lines in the Folding Wall, Post & Fence and Indoor Outdoor Drying Rack.

4 lines should do the trick! The Happy Days 4 line Folding Wall or 4 line Post & Fence clotheslines both FOLD.

King flat sheets are 285cm x 260cm so you would need an overall space of 3200mm or 320cm including brackets.

Queen flat sheets are 255cm x 250cm so you would need an overall space of 2900mm or 290cm including brackets.

Yes! The courtyard washing line could be the 4 line folding wall, a mini or a post & fence clothesline depending on your space. Check out our shop page.


The ‘Happy Days Range’ of Folding clotheslines protrudes from the fixing points of walls or fences as per the following:

  • 4 Line: 400mm,
  • 5 Line: 500mm
  • 6 Line: 600mm. Folding clotheslines only protrude 7cm (70mm) when folded. Check out our dimensions here.

The Mini Lines are just that- mini! In other words the protrusion is 200mm for 2 lines. A perfect compact balcony clothesline, poolside and outdoor shower zones in small tight spaces. Check it out here.

All of the curved brackets are 200mm wide at back where mounting occurs.

These brackets feature in the “Happy Days” range of Folding Wall and Folding Post & Fence clotheslines.

Happy Days range- approx. 9kg (3.5kg per bracket & fasteners and cables are extra).
Indoor Outdoor Drying racks: approx 4kg
Mini Lines: 2kg.

The space between washing lines is approx 90mm or 9cm to allow enough air to dry your washing.

You can choose any cable length from 16oomm to 3600mm and cutters are supplied in the pack for perfect cable length during install.

For example, the longest cables between brackets are 36oomm, therefore you would need a total space of 4000mm as each bracket needs 200mm.

Customising a Coastal Clothesline for your space

Yes of course! Cutters are in the pack to cut your clothes line cables to exact length during installation.

Check out the Indoor Outdoor Clothesline Drying Rack for its amazing versatility between walls, remembering that it’s a non-folding.

Absolutely! The Indoor Outdoor Drying Rack can be installed inside from wall to wall in a heated room so all of the wet gear can dry overnight!

Lifetime Warranty

Yes absolutely! Our quality clotheslines have a lifetime warranty- which is 25 years. It will still be intact when your house is needing work!

Shipping your Coastal Clothesline

If the mail gets to you then a Coastal Clothesline will get to you! We use Australia Post and Aramex courier service. Please let us know if you have any specifics regarding your delivery area.

We do! We get a quote for you & email you & get it shipped off!

We ship as soon as possible (within 3 working days) and most East Coast deliveries in Australia arrive within 7 days. This can be 10-12 working days in peak periods.

Please allow for up to 14 days for WA. If we have to customise your clothesline we will let you know prior for a timeframe. Check out our shipping info here.

Coastal Clotheslines are Australian made

Proudly made in the Byron Shire in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

David Johnson, co-founder, fabricates every single clothesline. He has a dedicated team that works with him and every product is handmade.

Our clothes lines are made from 316 marine grade solid stainless steel flat bar. The best stainless steel clotheslines in Australia for corrosion zones like the beach front, harbours and salty rivers and canals.

The cables are made of 316 stainless steel threaded into a thick 3.2mm cable. You have the choice of 316 or DUPLEX cables. The 316 marine grade stainless steel cable is the perfect choice if you live OUTSIDE THE 1km range of the ocean and there is no obvious corrosion around your home.

The DUPLEX cable has a higher nickel content & superior anti-corrosion and is a must if you live WITHIN the 1km zone of the ocean. It looks and feels exactly the same as 316 cable- there are no plastic or PVC coatings on it.

If there are visible signs of corrosion around your home then it is likely you will need DUPLEX. Check out the DUPLEX cable info sheet HERE.


The Coastal Clothes lines workshop is completely solar. All of the equipment & machinery emit low sound levels. There are no emissions from any fabricating practices- zero paints, no welding.

We use zero plastics in the manufacturing of a Coastal Clothes line. There are no plastic corners, lines or any elements that can perish in the sun, salt or weather.

We do not use paint. Zero. None.

We use a recycled cardboard that you can recycle again. We use a sticky tape around your package that is eco-adhesive made from PLA (polylactic acid) and natural rubber adhesive. This eco-tape meets the requirements for disintegration and ecotoxicity so it’s completely compostable. We use a compostable snap-lock bag to hold the fasteners. Re-use it please!

We design for durability because sustainability IS durability!

We are constantly striving for greener outcomes from our manufacturing to shipping to sourcing stainless steel. Our stainless steel is already made from recycled stainless steel so it lives again! We are creating a circular life for your clothesline so if or when it no longer is used as a clothesline it can be completely recycled and turned into something else that will be made from stainless steel. Many passive homes owners have purchased our lines based on our low carbon footprint. Feel reassured that you are purchasing Australia’s most sustainable clothesline. No green washing here!

Our clothesline frames are made of 316 marine-grade stainless steel. A little bit of clothesline care & cleaning is needed to keep your brackets & cables looking fine!
Within salty zones we recommend Marine Stainless 2 in 1  to clean & protect as often as needed. Amazing stuff!

Outside the salty zones a quick once over the brackets and cables twice a year with a scourer and warm soapy water will do the trick.

DO NOT place any substances on your cables/wires except hose water & washing!


Coastal Clotheslines are the best quality that money can buy.

We use top 316 marine grade solid stainless steel, 316 fasteners & fixings to create the worlds #1 best clothesline. There are zero plastics & no paints.

Stainless steel is not cheap and neither is a Coastal Clothesline- cheap equals landfill and that will cost the earth!

If you purchase a 2nd clothesline the shipping rate is only for one- Save with FREE SHIPPING on your 2nd clothesline.

Subscribers are sent really exciting emails from time to time about pricing promo’s & offers so it’s a great idea to subscribe!

We offer a volume-based sliding scale on trade pricing.

We support architects, landscape architects, interior designers & builders who, in return, support us. Volume buys are the cornerstone of our business so please get in contact to discuss any townhouse, multi-residential or high rise developments.