Why Choose a Coastal Clothesline?

Coastal Clothesline

Choose a Stainless Steel Coastal Clothesline?

It’s already a given that almost every household has a clothesline that they use for drying their clothes. It’s one of the most mundane things that we use every day, but it makes a difference to choose the right ones. And when it comes to the clothesline options, especially in beach houses and salty beach areas, there’s no better than Coastal Clotheslines and here’s why.

A Short Story…

Here at Coastal Clotheslines, we don’t manufacture just another poorly made and short-lived clothesline or retail landfill products. We are dedicated to giving you the best quality by innovating and creating clotheslines that will last you for a lifetime.

As a team, we live by the saying ‘necessity is the mother of innovation’. From what we’ve seen so far across different products of clotheslines ending up mostly in landfill areas, we decided to step in and offer an option that will help save both the environment and your long term pockets. From there, the rest is history and we bring you here to the present and the greener future of home innovative clothesline products.

Are Coastal Clotheslines eco-friendly?

We use 316 stainless steel to make our brackets manufactured using passive solar energy with no plastics, just stainless steel.

With no harmful welding or paint avoiding atmospheric pollution, we also offer lifetime guaranteed clotheslines finished with stainless cables, terminals and fittings. Every Coastal Clothesline is an eco-friendly Australian made clothesline.

Coastal Clotheslines also delivers on durability and a stylish alternative to bulky framed, space stealing clotheslines. We coordinate with homeowners, designers, landscape designers and stylists from the early stages of conceptualisation to body corporate strata installations.

We offer a smarter use of spaces ensuring our product gives you the perfect clothesline solution by providing the ability to utilise your outdoor zones in style.

Are Coastal Clotheslines easy to install?

Your ready-made steel clothesline kit comes with the necessary parts and bolts that it needs to help you get started installing. Wherever you want to hang out, such as under eaves, where you can take full advantage of your sheltered zones.

All you need are the tools, and to further help you with the process, we also have a youtube tutorial video that you can easily follow, both for the folding wall stud and for the cables and tightening.

Are Coastal Clotheslines Australian made?

You can choose any Coastal Clotheslines product safe in the knowledge that every product is 100% Australian-made. Coastal Clotheslines is the only Australian clothesline company manufacturing a full range of stainless steel clotheslines. We’ll have you hanging out your clothes for all manner of spaces, environments, conditions, and budgets. We offer the following products:

Easily customize your cable measurement, duplex cable options, indoor or amount of required lines. They complement narrow and compact spaces without compromising on aesthetics.

How do I order from Coastal Clotheslines?

Ordering your Coastal Clotheslines is as easy as 1. online 2.call & card or 3. call & ebank. Visit us online and select from the standard kit options available and complete your order or get in touch.

We offer our service all around Australia. From Cairns to Hobart, Cottesloe to Canberra, and Cape Patterson to Port Douglas!

Hang out with us and dry your clothes with Coastal Clotheslines, we guarantee that you’ll ‘love it for life’ because reliability counts! It’s sleek, sturdy and eco-friendly.

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