5 Reasons to Invest in Indoor Clothes Lines

Wall to Wall Stainless Steel Clothesline

Creating a clever laundry really starts with an indoor laundry clothesline. This essentially becomes an indoor drying rack and the hero of your laundry during the rainy, wet and cold months over autumn and winter. There are so many bonuses for installing an indoor clothes line. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons for a wall mounted indoor clothesline that is a must for any laundry, rain, hail or shine!

Relief is Real!

No.1- Get your clothes drying during the day or night safe in the knowledge that your washing is inside. An indoor clothes line used daily is an absolute relief.

Save Energy & Money

No.2- There is no doubt that using a clothesline saves both energy and money. On top of that, running a clothes dryer for hours can be cut down to minutes because you’ve pre-hung your washing inside. The permanent drying rack keeps money in your pocket with the dryer taking a backseat.

Safe Inside…

No.3- Hanging sun-sensitive garments that can fade or fabrics that are delicate can be safe inside & still have a chance to dry. And another added bonus is the less the fabrics breakdown in the dryer the longer your clothes will last.

Indoor Drying Room

No.4- Place an indoor clothesline within a heated room to create an indoor drying room- the hardest working room in your home over winter. From a laundry to perhaps the best hack out, utilizing wall space to hang a wall-to-wall clothesline. Therefore the laundry becomes a drying room in an instant and is used for many winter seasons to come!

The Must-have Indoor Laundry Clothesline

No.5- Building or renovating a home is the perfect time to incorporate a drying rack clothes line within a laundry into stud walls or brick. Because the technical drawings are available, Coastal Clotheslines will have your architect and builder on the same page. With a simple system ready to ship, install a laundry clothes airer when the tools are out and improve the way you live. By creating an easier way to dry clothes the indoor drying clothes line is an asset to any laundry.

Discover many types of clotheslines and select the ideal one for you. Always think outside the square. Here at Coastal Clotheslines, we have prepared our top reasons to create clever laundries & keep your clothes drying year round!

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