Care & Cleaning

Care & Cleaning

Look after your Coastal – it’s part of your family!

Coastal clotheslines care and cleaning is made easy with our help to keep your clothesline in top condition. Read below for the best tips on maintaining your Coastal Clothesline because you’ll be able to ‘hang out in style’ and ‘love it for life’!

Living beachside?
If you live within 1km of the ocean and can see corrosion around your home and property then regular care and maintenance of your stainless steel Coastal Clothesline is needed. Clean it every 2-3 months removing excessive salt with a hose & brush off all parts of your Coastal Clothesline.
Once brackets are dry we recommend using ‘Marine Stainless 2 in 1’ as per instructions HERE because it is perfect for buffing off tea-staining and for future bracket protection. It’s the goods!

Living outside the salty zone?
A periodical clean with enviro-friendly dish soap and hose with brush will do the job.

Happy Days hanging out with a Coastal Clothesline and Love it for Life!